Fantasy Island?

// March 12th, 2009 // Featured, Illustration

Fantasy Island Caption


This is Fantasy Island, an illustration made with random pictures from SXC, it’s the result of  a small ”competition” we made with Diego, or “Ashtra”. It was pretty challenging but incredibly fun to try and make a composition with random pictures with nothing in common with each other, I was impressed with the final result!!
Featured in the “Focus on fresh Arts #8: Surreal” news article in DeviantArt.

3 Responses to “Fantasy Island?”

  1. ashtra says:

    ufff que trabajo mas bacano!

  2. lebloe says:

    thanks!, I really love this one

  3. Kylie Batt1 says:

    Спасибо за помощь в этом вопросе, чем проще, тем лучше:…

    http://rel” rel=”nofollow”> Featured in […….

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