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// March 5th, 2010 // Icons



Knowing this is my first entry since a while (my most sincere apologies), for I have been kinda in the middle of different projects (thank God there’s a job, and no, that’s not a good excuse!), I wanted to post one of the most important and recent among them, a lot of hard work, planification and nights staying up late were invested in it (not mentioning all the time spent trying to make it work on IE!). This project is called IconHive!, our hive of icons, born from the idea of two young designers of making money offering the world high quality icons and graphic solutions, while doing what they love and cherish the most (design!, and why not if you think you have the talent!). If you pay a visit to this website, (which I hope you will) you’ll see we’re talking about highly detailed, functional icons for just a couple “pesos”. We’re still working on more sets to add on soon, but be free to let us know if you, your sister, your friend’s boss or the girl next door are looking for customized HiFi icons, we work on those too!

I hope to be adding new designs and free wallpapers pretty soon, so if you like my work, be sure to stop by eventually! I’m also hoping to be sharing some of my “graphical” secrets and talk about a couple friends who I think really kick ass at this design thing..!

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