My name is Gustavo Rodriguez, a colombian designer living in Montréal;
I’ve been working in different projects involving web design, illustration, photo-manipulation, icon design, flash animation and some 3d every once in a while.
Since a very young age my interest for visual arts was there, and that passion got me into Graphic design school. After a couple years I got my two first little contracts and that’s how it all began. Around 4 years have passed since I started with my first projects, I’ve evolved, but I’m convinced that, as a designer or creative you never stop getting better, everyday is one more step in the endless road of improvement.

My info

Gustavo Rodriguez
E-mail:[email protected]

Operating systems: Mac, Win.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, InDesign, (bit of maya and 3d max), some Premiere too.



- Feature in CSS Elite, best of the best websites, as well as other important CSS related websites.

- Feature in Smashing Magazine, Showcase of Elegant and Original Blog Design.

- 1st place in Graphic Design Contest - Best Digital Illustration - (Alizée) Ce-Art.

- 2nd place in Hispanos por la Paz contest - Best Digital Art
(Hispanos por la Paz) Deviantart.

- Participant in the Intel Animation Contest 2005.

My Networks


- Member of Bēhance Network

- Member of DeviantArt

- Member of Artician


French, English, Spanish